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Welcome to the Purest Vore Group

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Hey guys,

Seems like the majority of you are really interested in a new Vore/Woman Eater forum site. So let's move forward with it. I'll spearhead this thing as I have plenty of time but I am definitely going to need help. Here's what I need assistance with...

First off there's the cost. I really don't want to do banners! That opens the door for possible unwanted attention and is just tacky. We need to keep this site a privately owned and operated club. I know a lot of you expressed an interest in chipping in to get things started. I figure its going to cost anywhere between $250-$350 to get things up and running with regard to domain name, bandwidth, storage space and other costs. If you are willing to help, I'll accept donations to my PayPal account. Once I have the required funds I'll start putting it all together.

Secondly, I need to put the buzz in People Eater/(true) Vore artists ears. So if you know of any artists, writers, producers, etc... please contact them and tell them to start gathering their relevant materials together to be showcased on the site. But also I know and need those of you who have any and all Vore related materials (whatever you've collected over the years) to gather up what you can for the site as well. I understand "art theft" is a big issue that looms like a dark shadow and prevents a lot of folks from sharing the stuff that they have collected from sites that have bit the dust, BUT there is a way to post things giving credit to the artists who created what you want to share. So if you do it right there really shouldn't be a problem with this.

Third I need visionaries to step up so we can create a unique site. Personally I would LOVE to have a theme for the site. For those of you who remember Fantasy Danger Island, I tried to come up with a theme where visitors were like guests on a island full of perils. I'd like to do something similar with our new site. So what I'd like to see are ideas on how to create our own little getaway and slice of the internet. I am always open to suggestions, so let's hear your ideas.

Fourth more advertising and friendships need to be made on and from sites with similar tastes (pun intended). Sites like Pulptoon and Eka's and the like would be good places to start partnerships. Hey we're going to have a very specific goals for our site and people are going to need to be directed to our brother sites to meet their needs.

I think everything will start to fall into place once we've established these issue points. I'm going to need your feedback so please lets be vocal and really get this ball rolling. I am making this site for you all so talking to me about what you personally want to see will get you what you want. If you don't speak up you may not get what you want out of this. Okay?

First step is getting the funds together so if you can PLEASE DONATE! ;) Note me here for info or you can always email me at: THANKS! Let's make this site the pinnacle for people seeking true vore. I want this new site to be your voracious home away from home...
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Possible site names and themes... 

26 deviants said Purest Vore (no stretch there)
24 deviants said Vorasic Park (a vore theme park)
23 deviants said Voretopia (an alternate world where people are on the menu)
5 deviants said Vore Voyeuers (giving you a peeping tom's view of erotic vore)
4 deviants said Voreogitive (an alternative place to meet your vore needs)
3 deviants said L E M Forum (lickable, edible, munchable)
2 deviants said Human Hunter's Club (a hunter's club to share trophies and stories)
2 deviants said Other (suggest below)


Group Info

This is a group for true Vore fetish lovers.

We DO NOT cater to big bellies, unbirthing, antro/furries so don't even bother submitting them. What we want here are pure vore images...

What IS vore? Essentially voriphilia or "vore" is the FANTASY fetish associated with finding the act of oral swallowing erotic. It comes in many ways shapes and forms, but for the most part voriphiles find the act of orally swallowing another person or being (I'm saying being to be kind to the furries, weres, and others who like sentient creatures) stimulating. Pretty simple no? Just like any other fetish, it can be broken down further by a person's specific tastes. (Pun intended!) Depending on aspects that a person likes will cause them to gravitate into the various group types. Aspects like (but not limited to) orally swallowing a person/being: headfirst, feet-first, butt-first, naked, clothed, semi-clothed, violently (hard vore), consensually, non-consensually, by same sized, by giants, by monsters... I could go on and on there. But really the point I am trying to make here is Vore is all about the swallowing. You could take it a step further and say its about eating or converting a person/being into food, but once again that's defining it way too specifically. But as I said above its a FANTASY fetish. Can a person swallow another? NO! It can never happen in real life (unless killed by a wild animal = hard).

This group caters to the act of vore. So if you have art or literature to share please do!
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Thank you again for featuring another one of my works.
Hidden by Owner
Alucards-Spirit Mar 6, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
So long, fair well, auf wiedersehen, goodbye! If this is your attitude toward people who are more unique than you, then good riddance!
Thank you for adding my image to your gallery.  It is much appreciated.
kirsten8 Feb 4, 2014  Student Artisan Crafter
what's "fetish" vore?
Alucards-Spirit Feb 5, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Well vorarephilia is the fetish that pertains to finding the act of swallowing erotic. It's a fantasy fetish where someone is being swallowed/eaten alive. There are varying types of vore but the major 2 are "hard" which is biting, chewing, blood, guts and gore whereas soft is just swallowing someone whole with no violence. This group is dedicated to showing the act of vore/swallowing and not the result.
Read the about section, it explains it rather handily.
really miss picsesnoaphrodite's work, it's a shame he didn't leave any of his great works behind
 THAT is who is missing from my faves gallery! Wow, I've really been out of the loop around here!
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